Vintage reds: More stories of rank and file organising (published online 2007)

Contents     (download complete vintage reds booklet pdf)


International Struggles

Connie Healy   (download pdf
Echoes of Black Armada (1945)

Brian Manning   (download pdf
The Stay Put Malayans (1961)

Jim Baird   (download pdf
After the Coup (1973)

Culture & Song

Mark Gregory   (download pdf
Union Songs in Australia (1946-2005)

Harry Black   (download pdf
Waterside Workers Film Unit (1950-1960s)

Connie Healy   (download pdf
Women in Radical Theatre In Brisbane (1930-1960)

On the Waterfront

Warren Keats   (download pdf
Bluey Evans and the Bucco Panno (1951)

Harry Black   (download pdf
No Religion Politics or Sex (1954)

Vic Williams   (download pdf
Tiger and the Convicts (1968)

Direct Action

Betty Fisher   (download pdf
Mrs Lawrence & Mrs Thomson (1930s)

Ray Harrison   (download pdf
Metalworker in the Red Belt 1950-1980

Drew Cottle & Angela Keys   (download pdf
The Harco 'Stay Put' Dispute (1971)

Russ Hermann   (download pdf
Taking Over the Crane (1974)

Hal Alexander   (download pdf
The bastards never told me (1974)

Peter Murphy   (download pdf
Building Up to Sydney's first gay and lesbian Mardi Gras (1978)

John Tomlinson   (download pdf
Black & White in Brisbane (1970s)

Working Life

Stan Jones   (download pdf
Working on the railways (1920-1970)

Frank Bollins   (download pdf)
Organising the Railway Workshops

Frank Bollins   (download pdf)
Growing up in the shadow of the railway Sheds

Lingiari Lecture

Brian Manning   (download pdf
A blast from the past: an activists account of the Wave Hill walk-off
6th Vincent Ligiari Memorial Lecture

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